i dont need a man , i need a ROBOT!

15 Mar

The future is not written yet and who knows weather robots are dangerous or not ..im thinking automatlic at  the movie irobot, i wanna live in that world but not when it gets bad.Robots and other high-performance inventions have always been of a vast interest for humanity. A great number of scientists have spent the whole life in their laboratories with one aim to work out innovative schemes, develop them and create some highest qualitative ranking robot. This engrossing process has reached its peak with the technical push that took place due to the endeavors of a number of brilliant and clear intellects of scientists all over the world.
The most striking fantasies in this sphere are brought successfully into reality and a great number of robots are in service of people in order to make the process of work or manufacturing automatic. It happens so that people and robots go together in this life side by side.
For people who never find the real love,, is robot one option? lisen to this .. who needs a one-night-stand if you got a robot in youre bed? 
Human Robots Future

2 svar to “i dont need a man , i need a ROBOT!”

  1. Per Hultman mars 15, 2010 den 11:17 e m #

    Det där ser inte särskilt bekvämt och skönt ut : p

  2. Gamer-Kapten mars 17, 2010 den 6:24 e m #

    Hmm, finns juh "kärleksdockor" för de som är lagda åt det hållet.. :PInget går upp mot en riktig människa vid sin sida.


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