mum&dad + game addiction = DEAD BABY

5 Mar
tis is awful but it was in Korea so im not chocked (yepp i have strange thoughts against korea)
One couple was arrested this week for child neglect that allegedly coused their 3 month old baby girl to starve to death.
He 41 and she 25.. they where both addicted to online games (ofc) and spending up to 12 hours  every day at internet cafes and stuff..
The both did like every gamercouple met in 2008 on an chat on the internet , so they got marriage and gave birth the their baby . no one of them had a work  and they lived with the wife´s parents. and spend most of their time online playing games.


3 svar to “mum&dad + game addiction = DEAD BABY”

  1. Daniel ( mars 5, 2010 den 11:25 f m #

    Very sad story. Makes you wonder why there isn't a built in time limit on online games.

  2. Jocke mars 5, 2010 den 5:43 e m #

    illa 😦

  3. joeblinky mars 12, 2010 den 5:19 e m #

    definitely sad story but the picture reminds me of my brother!!!!!(he is a good dad though)


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