Apple release a new game console?

1 Mar
There’s been a lot of speculation concerning Apple and what some believe will be it’s inevitable entrance into the gaming industry, but at the same time apple have iphone,iphone tuch and the new ipad all this three has gaming devices.
Apple have not comming out get and telling that this is the ”next up”  but there is many things that pointing on that way, they are comming more and more into the gaming world.
And as a few company saids ”apple wants to controle youre home” Getting in on the console game now wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Apple. And while some may wonder if it’s really the best move for a company that’s trying to command a variety of markets, I think it’s the next logical move for the company that’s trying to control all facets of the home.

Will it happen? Who knows. But if Steve Jobs really wants to create a full-featured lineup of products, a video game console is a must.



6 svar to “Apple release a new game console?”

  1. Harring mars 1, 2010 den 11:58 f m #

    de släppte nyss iPaden och om man kollar hur lång tid det brukar ta mellan varje släpp av en ny produkt serie så tar det ett tag innan dom överväger att släppa någonting nytt 🙂 en ny MacPro tror jag är nästa steg 🙂

  2. Jon mars 1, 2010 den 7:14 e m #

    There is no way Apple is getting into the console business. It is already way to crowded with bigger and much more experienced companies.

  3. Rebecka mars 1, 2010 den 7:20 e m #

    harring : sant sant ! Jon : you never know!

  4. Harring mars 1, 2010 den 10:05 e m #

    Jon: That is what everybody was saying when Apple released their first iPhone. Look where they are now! 😀 Steve Jobs for president!

  5. Mattias M mars 4, 2010 den 10:38 f m #

    Apple har försökt förut. Deras första riktiga misslyckande. Tror inte dom vågar sig på det igen.

  6. Erik mars 6, 2010 den 2:00 f m #

    haha, Mattias M. Nummer ett på listan är sponsrad av svenska maffian xD


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