13 Feb

This night im playing som old.. Black&White ..
kind of a retro game ^^
and you know what .. im god !


5 svar to “Black&White”

  1. Jon februari 13, 2010 den 10:57 e m #

    I played that game. I didn't like you had to smack your pets around. That bothered me.

  2. Daniel ( februari 14, 2010 den 12:44 f m #

    Haha Jon, i don't like animal abuse either but overall it's a great game ^^

  3. Rebecka februari 14, 2010 den 10:06 f m #

    haha true jon , but i would skip that animal part, HE WONT lisen to me ! Hahaha but i did stay up almost the hole night playing ! ^^

  4. xDeepthroatx februari 14, 2010 den 12:08 e m #

    Nice Game,try the Addon "Creature Isle" too.And maybe B&W 2,better graphics and more Creatures,and many Modifications on the Internet for it.BTW,RETRO ? It was released 2001,not that old.Greetz Cobra

  5. LoLzWin februari 14, 2010 den 4:10 e m #

    xDeepthroatx said: "BTW,RETRO ? It was released 2001,not that old."I guess 9 years is a lot of time when it comes to Video-Games.Doom was released in 1993, thats only 17y… now compare it to MW2…


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