World of Warcraft pets for realz

11 Feb

I saw this today.  If you purchase a stuffed animal pet via the WoW store you get an in-game code for the 3D virtual pet for your character in WoW.  I thought was a clever way to double the incentive to purchase an ”in-game” item.  It got me to thinking of scheme similar but it would involve unlocking real world items if you defeated some uber boss or did some uber quest or attained a certain level in game.  It would unlock the purchase of a trophy stuffed animal or similar.  And you could only buy one from the WoW store.  So if you complete the penultimate Lich King quest, you can now buy the Lich King doll from their store.  These could be limited edition type trophies for active players.  Or you could have some premium subscription of WoW where you earn these real life trophies and are mailed to you when they are unlocked in game.

Am I crazy or does this sound like an idea players would like?

via Destructoid


2 svar to “World of Warcraft pets for realz”

  1. Daniel ( februari 11, 2010 den 11:13 e m #

    Not a bad idea at all, i mean ppl buy the collectors edition of games for the bonus of a few ingame items aswell. Send a mail to blizzard ^^


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