Heavy Rain

11 Feb

Okey so i have been playing Heavy rain demo .. and it was pretty slow .. i should say it was a FAIL DEMO!
And i was a bit disappointed  but take a look at this video review from IGN, maybe it was just the demo who was a huge FAIL .. or ? ..


3 svar to “Heavy Rain”

  1. Jon februari 11, 2010 den 6:11 e m #

    It looks interesting. Too bad I don't plan on buying PS3 anytime soon. I'm glad Sony is taking chances with their game design.

  2. Jocke februari 22, 2010 den 12:58 f m #

    Själv tycker jag demot var intressant och ser fram emot det som fasen.På onsdag släpps det och då gäller det, BOOM!Rolig blogg btw 🙂

  3. Micke februari 22, 2010 den 3:51 f m #

    The game is fantastic. I've just finished it and I can promise you it's worth every hour I spent.It's the first time I felt that the choices you had in the game where so hard that they actually made me feel bad in real life.


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