Just dance on wii

2 Feb

im not sick anymore .. or .. i dont feel so damn sick anymore .. just a bit tired!
but anyway ..
Im  a workout freak and i think i have every singel ”workout” game in the history ^^
 no but.. the best workout game is still the dancingmate and then u have to dance fast and for about an hour to get HOT!
And right now im downloading  the new dancing game to wii  ”just dance”
Chipped wii ftw!
but when im done with it im about to show u guys .. but for now take a look at this video ..
This is a typical game for Nerdphilia when she had cofee or an redbull! ;]


2 svar to “Just dance on wii”

  1. LoLzWin februari 2, 2010 den 9:38 f m #

    lol, wtf? xDHe's my dancing Queen!also: Id like to see you dance 😛

  2. Daniel (mad_troll@hotmail.com) februari 2, 2010 den 12:01 e m #

    I'd like to see Microsoft's response on the natal when it's realeased.


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