Apple´s new baby .. ipad!

28 Jan

Yoooo ,  you all know about the iphone.. ofc u do . and maybe you acctully have one .. good for you!

But now apple  has come up with this new ”thing” called the ipad.
So what is the ipad ? 
  • The ipad has come from a gaming perspective  (awesome) 
  • its like a big ipone touch 
  • 9,7 inch IPD display
  • 0,5inches thin  + 1,5 pounds  =  NOOOOOOTHING
  • 10 hours battery time!!!

Well  just check it out !


Ett svar to “Apple´s new baby .. ipad!”

  1. NTM januari 28, 2010 den 4:51 e m #

    Gillar att han säger iPod istället för iPad runt 5:54-55


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