Dear Gamers….

26 Jan

Me..  Nerdphilia have like 5% left on my energy level 
and im not even close to CHECKPOINT!!!!!
I think I´m about to fail this day … or well ..  
as everyone else should say ..  Im super ill! 
I have been in my bed the whole day, just chilling 
playing some bad lego batman and watching some trailers. 
And reading about project natal & sony´s  motion
 controller and im a litle DEPP as we call it in swedish .. 
The Sony motion controller seems to be much better 
than I thought, because of their short time of making it 
if you compare to  micros natal.. I do not know if I get a 
bit annoyed because I’ve been waiting for that natal project 
to come out for over a year now, or if it is true that Sony 
is one step ahead.
But to know that Sony has stolen the idea from Microsoft is not okay ..  
or some.. okey.. everyone in this busness 
steal from each and everyone ..
 nobody is perfect and all that junk 😉
Look at this, its about Sony’s motion controller
 (I’ve already written so much about natal project in the blog so just look at the older posts if you want to see a trailer on natal)

and YES! Sony’s motion controller seems to have better graphic and is more likely that it will work as good as it seems … but hmm … please microsoft let natal be as good as it seems .


2 svar to “Dear Gamers….”

  1. Jon januari 26, 2010 den 8:08 e m #

    I'm all for motion controllers but the controller spacial accuracy is an issue for me. The Wii's control system suffers from that.

  2. Daniel ( januari 26, 2010 den 10:24 e m #

    It looks like the 'game' responds very well to the movements of the user but it looks like the physics need a little tuning, anyway it looks like the motion controllers will be the biggest battle on the console market 2010. PS. Get well!


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