21 Jan

Right now im playing some halo 3  on my xbox 360 .. i dont know really what i think about those halo games.i think im more into games like mwf2.
Have u been playing it ?  and what do u think?


6 svar to “Halo3”

  1. Daniel (mad_troll@hotmail.com) januari 21, 2010 den 12:22 e m #

    I'm not a huge fan og the halo series even though i have all the games. If you compare the first halo and the the latest halo 3:ODST the gameplay is almost (exactly?) the same. Battlefield Bad company is more my type of game for Xbox multiplaying. Looking forward to the next one in a few months.

  2. Rebecka januari 21, 2010 den 12:45 e m #

    Yeah me too , im going to buy it when it comes out ! =D

  3. Anonymous januari 21, 2010 den 1:40 e m #

    I like the humor in bad company… and the multiplayer but I wisch there were more modes.Never really liked Halo…

  4. Jon januari 21, 2010 den 7:53 e m #

    I'm playing Quake Live again. It's frustrating because everyone still playing is quite good.

  5. Chris januari 22, 2010 den 9:52 f m #

    U still have yet to add LNVLNCLBIE

  6. ArckaniS januari 22, 2010 den 11:42 e m #

    the halo series is probably the best of all fps games for the unique history staged with cinematic worthy of the greatest films and multy-player mode is simply awesome.I have personally been the world's first on Halo: combat evolved PCI found the gameplay of 1 is better than the 2 and 3 but seems ODST return to the first concept


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