old F-Zero X to N64 VS new wipeout to PS3

13 Jan

Last night i was at a friends house, we where playing Wipeout at ps3 and that gave me flashbacks.
I remember playing F-zero X on my brothers N64 .. it was awesome at that time!
one of the best multiplayer racing games on N64 if u ask me!
Sooooooo F-zero X and Wipeout is pretty much the same game or it IS the same game,
Youre one cool avatar that racing in youre spaceship BUT..
the good old F-zero X its better in every way exept the
graphics, OKEEEEEY I drove only 3 race at wipeout but still. the amazing feeling you have when you play a good game was not there. I was fasinerad of graphics and how game development has gone by storm step forward in 11 years (shit 11 years ago F-Zero X came out I’m getting old)
Whats ruined my joy of playing was probably just because I’m used to all the cool sound effects and background music from the Old version, and especially all the cool superhero-look-a-like guys who were driving the space ship;) And u didnt have the same speciall ”boost effect” and the ship didnt exploded that easy in the newer version and the biggest MINUS is that u could not se the map while you where playing.. i need a map  haha ..  on F-zero X you should see on the map where the other guys where.
Certainly if I had a stimulator that give you the feeling that youre in the game and drove the spaceship on youre own so would I prefer the new version but now that this isnt possible (at this point) soo

See and enjoy a clip from F-Zero X below:

I GIVE Wipeout 3 / 5 Nerdphila stars!
& F-Zero X, of course 5 / 5 :


3 svar to “old F-Zero X to N64 VS new wipeout to PS3”

  1. Jon januari 13, 2010 den 5:45 e m #

    A Becka review! 🙂

  2. Rebecka januari 13, 2010 den 9:01 e m #

    *NERD FIVE *

  3. petersteel februari 5, 2010 den 4:50 e m #

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