Latest news about project natal!!!!!!

7 Jan

Project natal is soon here or..well.. if u are in US.. US going to be the first country.
” At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft dedicated a significant portion of its keynote address to Project Natal. A 3D camera, the controller-free gaming device will be coming out before 2010 ends during the holiday time frame. Perhaps more interesting were the stats offered during a trailer shown at the conference.

Andrew Fitzgibbon, Principal Researcher for Microsoft Research, discussed the specifics. ”What Natal does, is it evaluates effectively trillions of body configurations every frame. We’ve made it do that 30 times a second.” This is done through a combination of software and a camera that tracks the body’s motion in three dimensions.

Though Natal will evaluate the room 30 times a second, that does not necessarily mean that the games will also run at that rate. That will be the effective number of times the game can receive new input from the user, however. ”

I think i have to move to US.. im sure this game will come to sweden 2012 or something like that haha!


4 svar to “Latest news about project natal!!!!!!”

  1. Brosis januari 7, 2010 den 12:44 e m #

    Meh… I'm sceptical to it -_-

  2. Rebecka januari 7, 2010 den 5:37 e m #

    Meeeeee too! But time will tell!!! >__< / Beeeeecka!

  3. James januari 8, 2010 den 4:39 e m #

    terrific concept, but how the hell do i just sit down and be lazy gamer in this future of games?

  4. Anonymous maj 16, 2010 den 11:30 e m #

    Enjoyed the Post.Here is a website I came across that is providing a lot of information about the Project Natal Xbox 360.


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