Project natal !

19 Dec

Yepp its the future, i know that..
i have been watchin that movie for about 100000 times.. and wonder..
Can it be real ?
may signal the ”camera” and your own movements really work as well as the video shows.
I have hard to understand it but I’ll definitely have one when it comes to Sweden.
for if it is as good as it seems. it’s just fantastic.
To finally get to be involved in the game and play a crucial role while moving ..
like when the wii came out .. how many people did not get sore muscles in his arms after playing a game in a few hours at wii.
Totally amazing if you ask me!
It is a pity that the Swedes are so sluggish in the game world.
What do you think about project-natal? what are your thoughts & ideas?


Ett svar to “Project natal !”

  1. Jon december 19, 2009 den 9:21 e m #

    Ideally nadal needs to be including with all Xboxes. The problem is the number of people that have it will be a fraction of number of Xbox users. So developers won't spend a lot of money on it because it doesn't have users to buy their game. It's an idea that won't get full traction until the next Xbox, whenever that comes out.Also that video looks too good to be true.


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